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First, the basic standards of dealers

1. Have certain operational ability and economic strength.

2. There is no record of any economic fraud.

3, college education or above, excellent conditions can be relaxed.

4. The local people have lived in the local area for more than 3 years and have certain social interaction skills in the local area.

5, there are shops suitable for sale, own or sign a lease for more than 1 year. The store area is more than 40 square meters, and the shop door is more than 4 meters wide.

6, can accept the management system of the Rim dealer marketing system.


Second, the application steps


Third, Rim Investment Policy


County-level exclusive agent

City-level exclusive agent

Provincial capitals and municipalities

Fourth, the standard management of Rim dealers

1. Based on the Rim Terminal Execution Manual, operate a store with a unified image.

2. Perform indoor and outdoor decoration in accordance with the application specification of the Rim VI Visual Identification Management Manual.

3. The headquarters of Rim Company has the right to know about its business conditions.

4, enjoy the Rim dealers for special products, and enjoy regional protection and promotion support.

5, according to the sales of Rim products to enjoy a certain proportion of advertising and store decoration subsidies.

6. It must be purchased from the distribution center designated by Rim's headquarters.

7, the dealer purchase price to implement the national unified ex-factory price.

8. The retail price of Rim products is subject to the highest and lowest retail price of Rim's headquarters.

9. Undertake the after-sales maintenance service obligation of the Rim products in the region.


I sincerely thank you for joining us. I sincerely hope that you can join the Rim family and work with us to maintain Rim, the top brand in the air energy water heater industry, and realize your life value in the wave of the contemporary new energy revolution. Maximize the creation of a blue sea and blue sky living environment for future generations.


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