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Guangzhou Realm Energy Saving Equipment Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise. It was formally incorporated on May 17, 2005 with a registered capital of RMB 100.1 million. It is a strategic partner of ATSE in the United States. Through the advanced heat pump energy-saving technology provided by ATSE in the United States, combined with the in-depth research and development of the Thermal Energy Research Institute of Tianjin University, it now owns the independent brand of "Realm Heat Pump" (RMRB). The production base and R&D center have been set up in Guangzhou and Tianjin respectively. They are mainly responsible for the R&D, manufacturing and sales of Realm heat pump products. The US ATSE is responsible for the sales of products in the international market.



Guangzhou Realm Energy Saving Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to "doing the best for customers". The products involve large-scale central commercial heat pumps, jet-enhanced low-temperature heat pumps, drying pumps for industrial and agricultural products, and constant-temperature aquaculture heat pumps for agricultural and marine products. product. Realm has more than 40 models in eight series. In addition to domestic and commercial heat pump hot water units, it is also the first in China to develop water ring type domestic heat pumps, cold and heat triple supply, seawater detachable aquaculture heat pumps, which are extremely high. The scientific and technological content and independent intellectual property rights are at the leading level in China.


The Realm heat pump (RMRB) series products are manufactured in strict accordance with the ISO9001 & US ATSE quality control system and process requirements, and have passed ISO9001/14001/OHSAS18001 certification, industrial product production license, star brand certification, star service certification, China. CCC certification, for the national top ten brands of heat pump water heaters, national quality, reputation, service AAA member units.