Production strength

Guangzhou Realm Energy Saving Equipment Co., Ltd.  has a standard environmental simulation laboratory, a first-class technical service team and advanced production testing equipment, and strictly follows the quality control system and process requirements of the American Energy Conservation Alliance ATSE. Solid and reliable. After years of in-depth understanding of the market, the company has complete system solutions and rich engineering experience.

The product line includes:

Household and commercial air source heat pump water heaters;

Household and commercial air source cooling, heating and heating triple supply units;

Household and commercial ultra-low temperature heat pump units;

Cooling and heating module central air conditioning unit;

Three-in-one swimming pool unit;

Water source, ground source heat pump hot water unit, heating and cooling triple supply unit, heating and cooling air conditioning unit;

High temperature heat pump hot water unit, high temperature drying, drying and dehumidification integrated unit, etc.

Can be widely used in families, apartments, hotels, hotels, leisure clubs, schools, hospitals, factories, military and other service industries.