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1. Basic standards for dealers:

1. Possess a certain operating capacity and economic strength.

2. No record of any economic fraud.

3. College education or above, those with excellent conditions can relax.

4. Local people or have lived in the local area for more than 3 years, and have certain social interaction skills in the local area.

5. There are shops suitable for sales, self-owned or signed a lease agreement for more than 1 year. The store area should be more than 40 square meters, and the shop door should be more than 4 meters wide.

6. Be able to accept the standardized system management of the RMRB dealer marketing system.


2. Application steps:

Telephone contact or face-to-face meeting
Submit cooperation application form
Applicant Information Review
Applicants visit headquarters for inspection
Opening and operation
Preparation for store decoration
Pay the first batch of shopping fees
Sign a cooperation agreement


3. RMRB Investment Promotion Policy:


Sole agent at the county level

Prefectural-level exclusive agent

Agents in provincial capital cities and municipalities directly under the Central Government


4. Standardized management of RMRB dealers:

1. Based on the RMRB terminal execution manual, operate the specialty store with a unified image.

2. Carry out indoor and outdoor decoration in accordance with the application specifications of the RMRB VI Visual Identity Management Manual.

3. The headquarters of RMRB has the right to know about its business status.

4. Enjoy RMRB dealers' exclusive special offer products, and enjoy regional protection and promotion support.

5. Enjoy a certain proportion of advertising and store decoration subsidies according to the sales of RMRB products.

6. The goods must be purchased from the distribution center designated by the headquarters of RMRB.

7. The purchase price of distributors shall implement the national unified ex-factory price.

8. The retail price of RMRB products must comply with the highest and lowest retail price regulations of the RMRB headquarters.

9. Undertake the after-sales maintenance service obligation of RMRB products in the region.


Sincerely thank you for joining us, and sincerely hope that you can join the RMRB family and work with us to maintain the RMRB brand, maximize your life value in the wave of the contemporary new energy revolution, and create a Living environment with blue sea and blue sky.

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