• A good reputation the domestic setting itself can produce strong market appeal, can provide a good brand support for the franchisee to open up the market, with up to 10 years to the international first-class enterprise do OEM production experience
  • Effective open and competition differentiation, get more attention into wall hanging type, vertical type, with a kitchen air conditioner, without kitchen air-conditioner etc, for consumer choice. All products are designed according to European standards, in the high-end market.
  • The establishment of a unified platform for online marketing, build in accordance with the international first-class standard, brand image was opened and the other competitors gap. The information is concise, easy operation, consumers can experience the product directly in the above website platform
  • Search engine in the major portals, platform, furniture appliances, advertising, publicity, promotion planning activities, to ensure that the target customer information covering 80%, quickly launched the brand and product visibility, and maintain the sustained influence


  • Arrange experienced marketing experts on-site training, on-site guidance planning business activities, training and promotion skills, community promotion planning etc.
  • According to the traffic and store level, the company will provide promotional costs to support quality cheaper than the market price of around 20%, let your costs to a minimum!
  • After careful planning, to improve the operation of the regional market thorough marketing plan
  • Company from beginning to adhere to: integrity-based, refine on business purpose, focus on doing your intimate manufacturers, let you never worry about!

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Guangzhou RMRB Energy-Saving Equipment Co., Ltd (RMRB), started from year 2002, make production from 2004, registered its own brand RMRB HEAT PUMP from May 2005. As a manufacturer who proffessional produce heat pump. Near Baiyun Airport. It located at No. 1-3, Building58 Back Seat, Zhuliao Avenue, Zhongluotan Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China.


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