Home central air conditioning compared to ordinary split units, the advantages and disadvantages do you know?

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Advantages of home central air conditioning

1. Rapid and uniform cooling with high comfort:

Each indoor unit of the household central air conditioner has an air supply port and a return air port respectively. The air circulation is more reasonable, and the indoor temperature is more uniform. It can maintain a constant temperature of ±0.5°C, and the human body feels more natural and comfortable. The reliability is very high; while traditional household wall-mounted machines and cabinet machines are prone to airflow dead angles, obvious indoor temperature differences, and air-conditioning diseases.

Household central air conditioners often have one main unit connected to multiple terminals, that is to say, one outdoor unit can be connected to multiple indoor units, so as to deliver air-conditioning or heating to different spaces. In addition, its cooling speed is relatively fast, and the corresponding temperature can be reached in about 5-6 minutes, and the air supply is relatively uniform, which can keep the indoor air fresh and comfortable.

Ordinary household air conditioners tend to be relatively slow in terms of cooling speed, which takes about 10 minutes or more, and the temperature fluctuations are also relatively large. poor.

2. Space-saving, beautiful and fashionable:

The indoor unit of the household central air conditioner is concealed in the ceiling, which avoids being placed like a cabinet and takes up indoor space, and brings more freedom to the placement of furniture, such as placing a flower stand where the cabinet is placed; Weimei's installation method can be well integrated with the decoration, which can improve the decoration effect and grade of the room invisibly, while the pipeline lines of ordinary cabinet machines and wall-mounted machines are exposed, which is very unsightly.

Household central air conditioners generally adopt a hidden installation mode. The indoor unit is installed in the hidden ceiling space, which can greatly enlarge the indoor space, and the installation of the entire central air conditioner is also integrated and coordinated with the interior decoration style. Yes, it can well maintain the overall beauty and fashion.

Ordinary household air conditioners generally occupy the space on the wall or the floor, which not only affects the size of the entire indoor space, but also covers part of the indoor decoration, affecting the overall decoration effect, which will affect the aesthetics, and also appear Not stylish enough.


3. Low cost of use and long life:

The traditional split unit is greatly affected by the change of indoor environment temperature, and the fixed-frequency air conditioner compressor starts and stops frequently, which consumes a lot of power; while the central air conditioner adopts DC frequency conversion technology and new refrigerant technology, each indoor unit can be controlled independently, which room is needed The cooling is turned on in that room, and the outdoor unit "outputs on demand", so that the compressor is always in the best working condition and consumes less power. Moreover, the larger the room area, the more cost-effective it is to install central air conditioning.

The initial installation cost of household central air conditioners may be relatively high. Because the entire installation project is relatively systematic, it requires a lot of investment, but the current cost performance of central air conditioners is getting higher and higher. In addition, in terms of long-term benefits, household central air conditioners are more energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and consume less energy. For long-term use families, they will consume less electricity.

More importantly, it has a long service life. The service life of household central air conditioners is generally between 15 and 20 years. If it is a ground source heat pump central air conditioning system, the service life of the system is 50 years. Therefore, the service life of the central air conditioner is at least twice that of the household machine. So overall the price is more reasonable.

The pre-installation of ordinary household air conditioners is relatively simple, and the cost is relatively low, but the energy consumption is high, the service life is about 5-8 years, and the cleaning is also troublesome. Therefore, in the long run, its use price is relatively high.


Disadvantages of home central air conditioning


1. The initial investment is higher than that of the split machine:

People who often buy things can basically come up with a theory: good things are naturally expensive, but there are also high-quality and cheap things among them. The key is how to sum up experience and seize opportunities. Users who are new to central air conditioners will inevitably think that its price is high, but after actually understanding its functions and effects, most mid-to-high-end residences will still give priority to household central air conditioners.


2. The installation is complicated and synchronized with the decoration:

Household central air-conditioning is a complex technical project. On the one hand, it needs to be carried out simultaneously with the decoration. On the other hand, the installation requirements are very strict. Only a professional design and construction team can complete it. In addition, the design and installation must be combined with the decoration to achieve Good comfort and decorative effect.