Technical Advantages


1. Comparison table between heat pump unit and other traditional hot water equipment

Unit calorific value comparison

hot water equipment utility heat source Calorific value unit heat source price Thermal efficiency Unit Effective Calorific Value
Electric water heater Industrial and commercial electricity 860Kcal/KW/h ¥0.9/KW/H 95% 817Kcal/KW/h
Gas hot water boiler liquefied petroleum gas 25000Kcal/m³ ¥14/m³ 85% 22150Kcal/KW/h
Oil-fired hot water boiler 0# diesel 10200Kcal/kg ¥4.8/kg 85% 8670Kcal/KW/h
Heat pump hot water unit Industrial and commercial electricity 860Kcal/KW/h ¥0.9/KW/H 400% 3440Kcal/KW/h
Heat pump hot water unit Civilian electricity 860Kcal/KW/h ¥0.65/KW/h 400% 3440Kcal/KW/h

Heating Cost Comparison

Take 1 ton of 15 ℃ cold water and heat it to 55 ℃, the cost comparison corresponding to the required 40000Kcal heat

Comprehensive comparison

hot water equipment safety Environmental protection convenience maintenance cost service life
Heat pump hot water unit higher higher higher lower 10-15 years
Gas hot water boiler lower lower lower higher 9-8 years
Oil-fired hot water boiler lower lower lower higher 6-8 years
Solar energy + auxiliary energy generally higher higher lower 5-6 years


Our Services and Guarantees

The whole product is guaranteed for two years, and the faulty parts within the scope of the warranty are replaced within two years

The normal service life of the product is 10-15 years

Provide a free routine inspection service every year

The product is underwritten by the People's Insurance Company

To provide you with quality service

1. Each project provides professional engineering design, feasibility and optimization demonstration of the overall scheme;

2. Check and accept the installation project according to the design, and personally complete the commissioning of the unit and system;

3. After-sales service is guided by RMRB to ensure professional service;

4. Use a dedicated user management system to manage user data;

5. Technical personnel regularly return to visit users and maintain equipment;

6. Provide users with free consultation services on air energy heat pump water heating equipment and air-conditioning product knowledge at any time, and formulate a complete design plan for free according to the actual needs of users, and correctly guide users to choose rationally.