Domestic hot water with solar water heater or air source water heater is good

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Today, when air source water heaters are selling well, some friends still think that solar water heaters are easy to use. Today, the editor will answer the questions about whether to choose solar water heaters or air source water heaters for household water heaters, and what are their advantages and disadvantages.

1. In terms of safety performance of water heaters:

There is no doubt that one of the biggest advantages of air source water heaters is their high safety factor, which can be said to be absolutely safe, because air source water heaters heat water mainly by absorbing heat in the air; The heat in the light is used to heat the water. Then, once it is cloudy, it needs to be heated by electricity. After installing the electric heating equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to the danger of electric leakage and fire.

Second, in terms of the continuity of heating:

Under normal circumstances, air source water heaters can keep hot water at a constant temperature for 24 hours, while solar water heaters cannot heat hot water in rainy days, so you may not be able to take a hot bath.

Third, the comparison of water heater functions:

Air source water heaters have both heating and cooling functions. However, solar water heaters can only have the function of hot water, and the function is relatively single, which cannot meet the needs of heating and cooling, and cannot achieve dual purposes.

4. In terms of energy conservation and environmental protection:

According to statistics, it takes about 2 hours to add 200L water to an air source water heater. In summer, an average of 1 to 2 degrees of electricity is needed a day, while solar water heaters do not need electricity in sunny days, but in rainy weather or at night, electric heating is still required, that is, electricity is needed. . In winter, the hot water heated by solar water heaters generally cannot meet the demand, but air energy water heaters can.

5. In terms of restrictions:

Generally speaking, as long as the air-energy water heater is installed in a ventilated place, it will not be affected by any factors during use, but the solar water heater must be installed in a place where the sun can shine, which has higher requirements for the installation location, and most affected by weather.
Through the comparison of the above 5 points by the editor, we can see that air source water heaters are superior to solar water heaters in all aspects.

Therefore, the editor recommends that friends, as far as the purchase of household water heaters is concerned, the purchase of air-energy water heaters can better meet the needs than solar water heaters, and can better cater to everyone's pursuit of high-quality life.