What is the difference between inverter central air conditioning and traditional central air conditioning?

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Definition of fixed frequency air conditioner:
  China's power grid voltage is 220 volts, 50 Hz, and the air conditioner working under this condition is called fixed frequency air conditioner. Since the power supply frequency cannot be changed, the compressor speed of the traditional fixed-frequency air conditioner basically remains unchanged. The indoor temperature is adjusted by continuously "on and off" the compressor. More power.
  The definition of frequency conversion air conditioner:
  the host of the inverter air conditioner is automatically stepless variable, it can automatically provide the required cooling (heat) according to the room conditions; when the indoor temperature reaches the desired value, the air conditioning host can accurately maintain this The constant speed operation of the temperature realizes "non-stop operation", thus ensuring the stability of the ambient temperature. The following focuses on the advantages, purchase, installation and use of inverter air conditioners.
  Advantages of inverter air conditioner:
  1. Cooling and heating, powerful and fast
  When starting up, it runs at the highest power. Rapid cooling and heating. Make the indoor temperature reach the set temperature at once. So whether it is a cold morning or a hot day, you can quickly enjoy a comfortable room temperature.
  2. High efficiency and energy saving
  Inverter air conditioners determine the power according to the needs, so the efficiency is high. In addition, since the compressor hardly starts/stops repeatedly, unnecessary power consumption is not consumed. Therefore, the electricity cost is only about 2/3 of the general air conditioner, which can be called a model of energy saving.
  3. Comfortable and constant room temperature control
  Because the inverter air conditioner can control the speed of the compressor, it can freely change the power level to maintain a comfortable temperature.