Practical tips for central air conditioning life

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After the beginning of summer, the weather is getting hotter. Before this season, the air conditioner is our life-saving weapon.

The central air conditioner, as an upgrade of the traditional split air conditioner, not only solves the problem of aesthetics, but also greatly improves the performance of cooling and heating. With the development of technology and the maturity of technology, the maintenance and cleaning of central air conditioners have become more convenient. Today, central air-conditioning has entered almost every household's life. Thanks to the development of science and technology for the great advancement of home and design.

Here, some tips for daily use of central air conditioning are summarized. Help everyone solve the misunderstandings in the process of using central air conditioning.

First, the central air conditioner is first used to power on in advance, do not rush to start:

The core of the central air conditioner is the compressor, which contains lubricating oil (refrigerating oil). If it is not used for a long time, the refrigeration oil will be mixed with the liquid refrigerant. Before using it again, please power on one day in advance to preheat the compressor of the central air conditioner to vaporize the liquid refrigerant in the compressor and separate it from the refrigeration oil. Avoid damage to the compressor due to "liquid hammer" when the compressor is started.

Second, clean the central air conditioner before use:

For central air conditioners that have been idle for a long time, a lot of dust has adhered to the filter screen and evaporator fins, and they need to be cleaned before they are used again to prevent mold from spreading from the air outlet. How to eliminate the harm of air conditioning to people? We can reduce the impact on health by cleaning and sterilizing the central air conditioner. After cleaning, the central air conditioner can be used;

Cleaning method: The bottom of the air conditioner is the return air vent, disassemble the detachable return air vent, take out the filter, rinse with the opposite side of the tap water pipe, or use a brush dipped in a little detergent to scrub, then dry it, and then install it back. If you don't know how to clean, you can contact the manufacturer for after-sales service. The manufacturer has cleaning services, which can be easily done with a little money. It can be avoided that the air in the room is polluted by mold and affects the health of the family, especially the elderly and children!

Third, do the room curtains affect the air conditioner?

When using the air conditioner, try to open the doors and windows as little as possible, and use thick, sun-proof curtains. Because the space is relatively closed during cooling or heating, opening windows and doors will cause air flow, and the indoor temperature fluctuates greatly. When using the air conditioner in summer, we can draw the curtains to avoid direct sunlight in the room and avoid the conversion of solar energy into heat energy in the room. In winter, the curtains are opened to increase the indoor temperature through sunlight, reduce the load state of the air conditioner, and achieve the purpose of energy saving.

Fourth, what should be paid attention to when setting the angle of the air outlet?

The central air conditioner should choose a suitable air outlet angle, which can improve the effect of cooling and heating. The cold air flow is heavier than the air (cold air contains water molecules), and it is easy to sink, while the warm air flow is the opposite when heating. Therefore, when using cooling, the air outlet guide plate is horizontal or upward when adjusting air conditioning, and when using heating, the air outlet is downward when adjusting heating, so that warm air can heat up the room like a waterfall, balance the room temperature, and improve indoor comfort.

Fifth, what is the appropriate temperature setting?

When the cooling temperature of the central air conditioner is used, the temperature setting should not be too low. Because the room temperature is set 1 degree higher during cooling and 2 degrees lower during heating, both can save more than 10% of electricity. Therefore, when using the central air conditioner in winter, the heating temperature is preferably 18-20 degrees. In summer, it is best to set it at 25-28 degrees. After testing, 26 degrees Celsius is a reasonable temperature value, and the human body can barely perceive this small difference. Every time the temperature drops by one degree during cooling, the power consumption will increase a lot, not a little.

Sixth, avoid blowing directly to the body:

Although the central air conditioner is known for its comfort, it is still necessary to avoid the cold wind blowing directly on the body during use. Excessive cold wind blowing directly will cause diseases such as cold and runny nose, local body aches and so on. A central air conditioner that has not been cleaned for a long time will carry a large amount of bacteria when it is blown out, which will easily cause respiratory discomfort to users.

Seventh, maintain indoor humidity:

Staying in an air-conditioned room for a long time often leads to dry mouth and tongue. This is because the water in the body is easily evaporated by the air-conditioning for a long time in summer when the air-conditioning is used for a long time, resulting in a lack of water in the body and skin surface. Long-term dehydrated skin is prone to dry lines. The best way is to choose a water system central air conditioner with uniform humidity and soft air supply. If the home does not have a water system central air conditioner, you can also place a humidifier or green plants indoors for humidification and moisturizing.

Eighth, does the air conditioner need to be powered off for a long time?

The central air conditioner that is not used for a long time can be powered off, because the outdoor unit has an electric heating belt. When the air conditioner compressor is not running, it heats the refrigeration oil of the compressor, so that the refrigeration oil is in the best state, and the liquid refrigerant is rarely in the air. Accumulated in the compressor, the compressor is always ready to start up; there is no need to waste your home's electricity bills if the air conditioner is not used for a long time, you can turn off the power of the central air conditioner host.

The peak season of air-conditioning use is often accompanied by chest tightness, shortness of breath, colds and fever, mainly due to staying in air-conditioned rooms for too long without paying attention to preventing air-conditioning diseases. In fact, preventing air-conditioning diseases is very simple. Users must not be greedy for coolness indoors. It is best to turn off the central air-conditioning half an hour before going out to avoid colds caused by excessive temperature differences and reduce the power consumption of central air-conditioning.



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