How to repair air energy heat pump dryer malfunction?

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If the material cannot be sucked away, it will cause a fire in the dryer; it may also be that the dryer equipment is too small to achieve the drying effect and forcibly heated, which may cause a fire; it may be that the dryer equipment is used improperly; There is a problem with the design principle of the machine equipment. For one reason, you should check whether the dryer equipment is installed correctly, whether there is air leakage or increase the wind pressure; for the second reason, you can modify the high-temperature dryer or replace a dryer with a larger capacity; If you understand it, you can get familiar with the dryer again, and re-learn the operation precautions of the dryer; it is a problem with the equipment itself, and you must ask the manufacturer to replace or repair the dryer .

If the thermal insulation of the equipment is poor, it is necessary to improve its thermal insulation performance, and a layer of thermal insulation material can be wrapped. If there is a problem with the design of the dryer or the design of the dryer stove, it is necessary to contact the manufacturer to solve it. This may be because the temperature of the dryer is too high, causing a fire in the drying equipment; it may also be due to the "blasting" phenomenon caused by the clogging of the dryer. For the former, the temperature of the dryer should be lowered, and for the latter, the dryer equipment should be cleaned to keep the inside of the machine unblocked.

The reason is that the air energy dryer is too small, and there are too many raw materials in the dryer; it may also be that the calculation of the wind pressure and flow of the wind network is incorrect or wrong; another reason is that the operator of the heat pump dryer Not familiar with the dryer, resulting in improper use of the dryer. For one reason, you can change the dryer to one with a larger capacity; you can also load less each time you load it; you can also increase the temperature of the air energy heat pump dryer, but this method is easy to cause drying There is a fire inside the dryer, so the dryer can be changed as well. The first reason is that the dryer equipment is not properly installed, the dryer is leaking or the installation is wrong; the second reason is the design of the air energy drying equipment, and the air pressure of the dryer is not enough. The solution to the former is to check whether the installation is correct according to the installation drawings, check whether there is air leakage at the pipe joint, and then solve it accordingly; the dryer manufacturer should bear the corresponding responsibility for the design problem of the dryer itself.