How to maintain the villa ground source heat pump to extend?

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In recent years, the development trend of villa ground source heat pumps in China has risen linearly. However, users who have installed ground source heat pump systems are most concerned about the service life, maintenance and follow-up repairs. In the daily operation, the external system influence of the villa ground source heat pump and working factors such as the quality of use, the internal circulation system, heat transfer system, control system, operating parts, airtight components, etc. of the system may more or less occur deviation or change. So is there any way to maintain and increase the service life during its normal use ? Let the editor tell you today!

1. Inspection and maintenance before starting
Check the oil heater before starting, check whether the electric heater is powered on when it stops, and turn on the electric heater. The separator sight glass can check the oil level to ensure that the oil level is above 1/3 of the oil sight glass . Manual shut-off valve on the liquid spray pipe, check whether the valve is fully open, and open the valve. Check with a voltmeter that the supply voltage does not exceed ±10% of the rated value .
2. Start inspection and maintenance

The sight glass on the side cover checks the star wheel rotation for proper wiring. Check that the solenoid valve on the spray pipe is open at start-up. Listen for abnormal vibrations and noises.
3. Check during operation Use
the sight glass of the oil separator to check the oil level and replenish the refrigerating machine oil. Use the sight glass on the side cover to check for fuel injection. Check whether the exhaust pressure of the high pressure gauge is between 1.1 ~ 1.8Mpa . Check whether the suction pressure of the low pressure gauge is between 0.3 ~ 0.6Mpa . Check whether the hot water outlet temperature is between 30 ~ 45°C during heating .
Four. Maintenance 1. Before using the villa ground source heat pump in winter and summer, it is necessary to check, repair and clean whether the wind disk needs to be cleaned, whether antifreeze needs to be added, and whether the machine can operate normally.

2. Due to the low temperature in winter, in order to ensure the normal operation of the antifreeze function of the main unit of the ground source heat pump in the villa, it must be kept powered on at all times.
3. Every time you start the host, keep it for more than 5 minutes to avoid frequent switching on and off.
4. When there is a major problem in the use of the villa ground source heat pump, it is still necessary to notify the professional and technical personnel of Hunan Santeng in time to do after-sales maintenance.
The villa ground source heat pump has brought a lot of convenience to users, and the actual operation is relatively simple. As long as it can be used correctly and maintained regularly, it will definitely bring great help to the use effect and service life.