Air source water heaters are widely used in hotel restaurants, hotels, baths, clubs...

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Hotels, hotels, bathing clubs and schools are all large hot water users, so the daily operating costs are also very high. In the past, in order to reduce costs, these places generally used coal-fired steam boilers for heating. However, under the upsurge of energy saving and consumption reduction, the application of high energy-consuming heating methods has long been strictly prohibited, and green and environmentally friendly air source water heaters are widely used in various venues. Air source water heater is a kind of equipment that mainly digests and absorbs the heat in the air for heating. For every 1KW of electromagnetic energy consumed, 3~4kW of energy can be obtained from the air , which is more than three times the environmental protection and energy saving of electric boilers. Compared with solar electric water heaters, air source water heaters avoid the embarrassment of relying on the weather for food, and can heat efficiently even in rainy and snowy days. At present, low-temperature air-source water heaters can already be used normally at minus 25°C , and can meet the hot water requirements of 95% of northern regions.

Below, let’s talk about common problems in construction:

One: Air source water heater engineering project configuration specifications For five-star hotels, the hot water consumption of each room is designed to be 200-250L . For general hotels, each room is 100-150L . Schools, processing plants and other places, according to 40-70L/ person design and production

Two: Common problems in construction of air source water heaters

1: It is best not to use a saw to saw the PPR pipe during installation, in order to prevent pipe slag from remaining, blocking the equipment, and planting safety hazards for future applications, special plastic water pipe scissors should be used.

2: If it is an area with poor water quality, a filter must be added, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment for a long time, and the water quality is not good, it is easy to accumulate dirt and block the heat exchanger.

3: When installing several air source water heaters, they should not be too close together, otherwise it will affect the gas flow and reduce the heating efficiency.

4: The intelligent return water must return to the end point, and each intelligent return water loop needs to be equipped with a gate valve to facilitate subsequent adjustments.

5: The installation site of the air source water heater project must be well ventilated, and it is best to place it where the sun is exposed to the sun, which is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving. As the saying goes, " Three points for the product, seven points for the installation " , although the environmental protection and energy saving effect of the air source water heater is good, but if it is not installed properly, it will greatly affect the energy consumption level, so you must not be careless.