The "freezing" attack, coal, electricity and gas enough? The National Energy Administration responded so

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Recently, the cold wave has hit, and the temperature has dropped sharply in many places. Will there be tension in the power supply? How is cleaning and heating going? How to keep people warm in winter?


Affected by multiple factors such as cold weather and economic growth, the demand for electricity in Hunan and Jiangxi provinces has grown rapidly. According to statistics, as of December 28, the cumulative electricity consumption in Hunan and Jiangxi increased by 17.2% and 19.07% year-on-year respectively, the highest in the same period in six years.


In view of the shortage of power supply in some areas, the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration promptly organized relevant departments and power companies in various places to effectively ensure power supply, especially in emergency protection plans for extreme weather such as low temperature, rain, snow and freezing, to ensure Safe and stable supply of electricity. The National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration will focus on four measures.


Give full play to the role of the large power grid platform

Tap the power transmission potential of inter-provincial and inter-regional transmission channels to ensure mutual aid between provinces. Hunan and Jiangxi have the largest external power receiving capacity of 6 million kilowatts and 2.6 million kilowatts respectively, which have been fully utilized at present.


Supervise and urge all localities to make plans for orderly electricity consumption

Under the premise of ensuring that people's livelihood and residents' electricity consumption are not affected, comprehensive user investigations should be done, and power supply risk warnings should be notified in advance to ensure that users can prepare response work and production arrangements in advance.


Do a good job in the safe and stable supply of coal

Improve the coal storage level in key areas and key power plants to ensure that there will be no shutdown due to lack of coal. As of December 28, the thermal coal inventory of power plants nationwide has reached 132 million tons, and the available days are 17 days, which is at a high level. Among them, Hunan thermal coal inventory is 3.369 million tons, which can be used for 25 days; Jiangxi thermal coal inventory is 2.487 million tons, which can be used for 16 days.


Strengthen monitoring and early warning

Timely discovery of symptoms and tendency problems, and take practical measures to solve them. Establish mechanisms such as daily reports and ten-day reports, and closely track the latest situation with relevant local departments, agencies of the National Energy Administration, power grid companies, and power generation companies, study and judge the situation, and coordinate and solve related problems.

The National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration focus on promoting the selection of clean heating methods according to local conditions, reasonably reducing the cost of clean heating, and striving to ensure that the masses "use it, afford it, and use it well." At the beginning of this year's heating season, based on the research and judgment of the possible shortage of heating coal in the Northeast, we planned and deployed in advance, and adopted measures such as expanding coal sources, grasping transportation capacity, increasing reserves, and making plans to effectively ensure the stability of clean heating in the Northeast. run.

Up to now, the clean heating rate in the northern region has reached about 65%, and the clean heating rate in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and surrounding areas, and the Fenwei Plain has reached more than 80%. 


Pay close attention to weather changes such as the recent cold wave and drop in temperature, and attach great importance to the impact of possible extreme weather in the future on the warm winter for the masses. To this end, a cleaning and heating daily and ten-day reporting mechanism has been established to promptly discover and summarize the problems reported by the masses, find them together, and coordinate and solve them together. For those who have problems with heating due to failure to implement relevant policies and regulations, once discovered, they will be investigated and dealt with immediately



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