Hebei Shijiazhuang: new renovation households, electric heating equipment instead of coal must use heat pump technology, light and heat + and other energy-saving equipment

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In 2020, the dual-generation renovation work in rural areas of Shijiazhuang City will be basically completed, and a total of about 1.305 million households will be completed. In 2021, the focus of work will shift to the safety supervision of the dual-generation project. A few days ago, Shijiazhuang City issued the "2021 Work Plan for Substituting Gas and Electricity for Coal in Rural Areas" to clarify the next work tasks.

The "Plan" pointed out that according to the dual-generation transformation plan in the city's rural areas, 2020 is the final year, and the plain areas of Shijiazhuang City have basically completed the task of replacing coal in daily life and winter heating. In 2021, the municipal government will no longer organize dual For the reconstruction work, counties (cities, districts) can organize global investigations on their own to check and fill in gaps in a small number of households that have not been renovated due to the flipping of houses by farmers and migrant workers returning home for a long time, and implement double-generation transformation to ensure that the scattered coal in plain areas cleared. Newly remodeled households must have ventilation and electricity conditions before the end of October 2021, and meet the normal use standards to ensure that the masses can survive the winter warmly. Counties (cities, districts) with renovation plans should formulate plans based on actual conditions and report to the city's double agency for filing. After completion, the account will be confirmed and reported to the city's double agency.


The warranty period of dual-generation heating equipment is generally three years. It is necessary to further improve the equipment maintenance methods after the expiration of the warranty period to ensure timely and effective maintenance of heating equipment for farmers and safe use. Counties (cities, districts) may, according to local actual conditions and in accordance with the voluntary principle of farmers, use heating equipment such as electric heaters, electric boilers, and graphene that have been used for more than 3 years and have expired with high power and poor effects Heat pump technology, solar thermal+ and other energy-saving electricity-for-coal-replacing equipment are replaced to ensure the effect of electricity-for-coal heating and meet the heating needs of farmers.


The "Plan" requires that in the work of checking for leaks and filling vacancies and upgrading and transforming electricity-substituting-coal heating equipment, if electricity-substituting-coal transformation is involved, the local electric power department must measure and calculate the power load, and carry out the transformation after obtaining the approval of the electric power department; If so, it is necessary to urge gas companies to sign effective gas supply contracts in a timely manner to ensure sufficient supply of gas sources and stable construction quality. It is necessary to properly solve relevant problems in combination with the actual situation of local economic strength, financial resources, and the affordability of dual-generation users, so that the dual-generation reformed farmers can afford and use them well. , to avoid re-ignition of scattered coal.


In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the supervision of the quality of heating equipment products of winning bidders, take measures such as recall and replacement of products that are judged to be unqualified after testing, and resolutely eliminate shoddy goods, false ones, and non-compliance with the quality standards and standards promised by the winning bidder. Enterprises selling materials and materials to ensure the quality and safety of heating equipment.

The original text of the Plan is as follows:


Notice on Printing and Distributing the "Shijiazhuang City 2021 Work Plan for Substituting Gas and Electricity for Coal in Rural Areas"


The people's governments of all counties (cities, districts), the management committees of high-tech zones and circular chemical industry parks, and relevant departments of the municipal government:


The "Shijiazhuang City 2021 Work Plan for Substituting Gas and Electricity for Coal in Rural Areas" has been researched and approved by the municipal government, and is now issued to you. Please implement it carefully.

                                                                                                                                                                                    Shijiazhuang Municipal People's Government Office

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