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What are the advantages of air energy heat pump drying technology?

What are the advantages of air energy heat pump drying technology?

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Nowadays, heat pump dryers are more and more popular among manufacturers. Because of the development and upgrade of heat pump technology, heat pump drying technology is obviously superior to traditional drying and drying methods. Chinese herbal medicine heat pump dryer is basically suitable for drying all Chinese herbal medicines. The ambient temperature has little effect on the drying equipment. This is an energy-saving, sulfur-free, environmentally friendly, emission-compliant standard. Dry equipment. More than 70% of electricity is saved, which is three times the energy efficiency of coal. It costs only a few cents to dry a pound of Chinese herbal medicine. The small integrated drying equipment is more than 10,000 yuan, and can dry 500 kilograms of Chinese herbal medicines at a time. The medium and large-sized dryers need to be customized, and they can be used for self-use and drying for the growers after ordering. The charge is 0.2-0.3 yuan per kilogram. Return to this one year or so. At present, the state has implemented restrictions on the cultivation of Chinese herbal medicines such as firewood and coal, and does not directly stop it. Then the Chinese herbal medicine heat pump dryer will be the best quality option for growers! Rim Company helps the majority of growers and traders to design drying solutions free of charge, free to see the venue, install and commission to meet the standard, and then pay after satisfaction! Learn more about drying self-construction details and investment operations can contact the Rim sales team.

What are the advantages of air energy heat pump drying technology?