Guangdong Yingde Renxin Hotel

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Renxin Hotel is a four-star hotel developed by Yingde Renxing Real Estate Company, which integrates rooms, recreation and catering functions, and its scale, grade and functions are all first-class. With a total business area of more than 20,000 square meters, the hotel is located on Zhenyang East Road in Yingde City, in a prime location in the city center, with superior location and convenient transportation.

The hotel is well-equipped and elegantly decorated with European style and modern design, which is unique. The hotel has more than 200 rooms of various types, large banquet halls, catering boxes and multi-functional halls, small and large meeting rooms. To meet the multi-level needs of guests, there are also shopping centers, business centers, lounges, tea, sauna and massage health centers, chess and cards, golf driving ranges, billiards, game rooms, gymnasiums and other services with complete supporting facilities. Heating, hot water and cooling supply are the main cost burden of the hotel. The hotel installed 15 RMRB-25KT air-cooled heat pump units and 5 RMRB-25S air-cooled heat "energy-saving king triple supply" units in the energy-saving renovation to provide cooling, hot water and heating for guest rooms, sauna and massage and leisure center. According to the hotel's engineering department, the units are stable in operation, easy to operate and can save more than 60% of energy consumption.