Inverter central air conditioning

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easy style

  1. The unit uses air as the heat source for cooling , heating and high-temperature hot water, and its efficiency is up to 300-500% ;
  2. Fully automatic microcomputer control, no need for special supervision;
  3. Water and electricity isolation, no pollution discharge, environmental protection, energy saving, reliability, convenience, etc.;
  4. Working around the clock, with large water production, centralized water supply can be realized;
  5. Using the circulation heating method, the system is more reliable and efficient ;

Basic structure :

    The whole hot water supply system is composed of water tank and heat pump unit. Through the pipe circulation pump, the water and the heat exchanger of the unit are forced to exchange heat, so that the cold water in the water tank is continuously heated to the set temperature and then shut down. All running detection processes are controlled and operated by the microcomputer control board inside the body .

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