Inverter water multi-link comfort life

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The combination of multiple modules, the use of new high-efficiency heat exchangers, is convenient for production and transportation, the compressor can not be exposed to the air, the appearance is beautiful, the unit can be combined, the internal structure is complicated, the production process is complicated, the maximum can only be 50 horses, and the scale is limited. It is better to use cold and hot water as the heat exchange medium for the modular machine, and the airflow blown out is softer, which is fully suitable for the comfort and enjoyment of the human body. It is used as an air conditioner in the bedroom and living room, and it will not feel particularly dry during long-term work and life . If Freon R22 or R410A is used as the direct indoor evaporative refrigerant, the blown airflow is likely to be overcooled or overheated, and the human body feels more irritated. At the same time, working for a long time will feel particularly dry. The main reason is that the evaporation temperature of Freon is much lower than that of water. Using water as the medium, the airflow effect is softer, and it is more suitable for home and office use.

Temperature and humidity balance, comfortable body

As we all know, 70% of the earth is composed of water, and 70% of the human body is also composed of water molecules. Water is the source of life, and an environment with suitable humidity will bring more comfortable feelings to the human body. Therefore, compared with the traditional air conditioner, the RIM water multi-unit uses water as the medium, the air temperature is softer, the air exchange volume is larger, and the temperature difference of the air supply is smaller, which will naturally bring users more comfortable physical enjoyment - the wind blows over the body No feeling of overcooling, avoiding air-conditioning disease.

In addition, the air outlet temperature of traditional units is generally 7-12°C. Although the temperature drops quickly and the cooling is fast, the indoor air will become dry after long-term use. However, the air supply temperature of RIM water multi-unit household central air conditioner is 14-17°C, with a wide operating range and a temperature control accuracy of up to 0.5°C. In this way, during use, the moisture in the air is not easy to lose, which can avoid excessive dehumidification and indoor drying; in addition, it can also ensure air humidity during heating in winter, avoiding static electricity caused by over-drying, and reducing the need for heating in winter. Humidifiers are complicated.

The indoor cold water temperature is 7~12°C , and the outlet air temperature is 16~20°C . The air temperature /humidity in the room is more comfortable, which is more conducive to human health


RIM variable frequency cold /hot water unit allows you to live a more stable and comfortable life