Schools choose air energy saving, preferred air energy heat pump water heating unit

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The school is not only a place for students to study, but also a place for many boarding students to live. Therefore, the provision of hot water is an extremely important part of campus life. Because of the large number of people in the school and the high water pressure, whether the hot water system is environmentally friendly, energy-saving, safe, and stable has become an important indicator for evaluating the quality of the school's hot water system. In the past, many schools used fuel oil and gas boilers, but in recent years, with the country's emphasis on environmental protection and clean energy, various large and small boilers have been banned one after another, and schools have to look around for more reliable ones. Hot water equipment. In this case, the air source heat pump, which has the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, safety, and stability, has become the preferred solution for many schools' hot water systems.

The important medium of the school's air energy heating mercury hot water project is the refrigerant, that is, the refrigerant. The refrigerant enters the unit to evaporate and absorb heat after throttling and reducing pressure, and absorbs the free heat in the air into the unit to compress and heat up. The air after the action can be transferred to the water tank to collect and convert the heat of the cold water, so as to obtain a large amount of hot water. The heating of the school's air energy heat pump hot water project is such a heating process. It can be seen that it is a safe heating method. It does not use fuel and has separated water and electricity. Provide a safe high-quality hot water.

Features of RIM air energy thermal mercury hot water unit

1. It adopts world famous brand compressor, four-way valve, and the performance of the unit is superior and more stable. 2. The microcomputer LCD controller does not need special personnel to take care of it. 3. Intelligent defrosting technology, the defrosting is more accurate and the unit is more efficient. 4 .Low quiet operation, environmental pollution, reduce the greenhouse effect, 5. The evaporator adopts hydrophilic diaphragm, strong heat absorption, high efficiency, corrosion resistance, 6. Easy installation, small footprint, saving investment

scope of application

Staff dormitory, student dormitory, hospital, hotel, sauna entertainment center, large club, constant temperature swimming pool, laundry, restaurant, farm, etc.