What are "two-unit" and "three-unit" air energy heat pumps?

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   To put it simply, the so-called "double supply" is to use a set of air energy heat pump system to provide two combined functions of "hot water + heating" or "heating + cooling"; "triple supply" is to provide "air conditioning + floor heating + Hot water" three combination functions.

What needs to be clarified is that "double supply" and "triple supply" are for water system air conditioners, and fluorine system air conditioners do not have these concepts.

The water system air conditioner consists of two parts: indoor unit and outdoor unit. The outdoor unit is generally called a hot and cold water unit, and the indoor unit is generally called a fan coil unit. The outdoor unit is connected to the indoor unit through a water supply pipe. The cold/hot water of the air conditioner is provided by the outdoor main unit, which is delivered to the room by the water supply pipe system, and the water and air are exchanged at the end of the room to adjust the temperature to meet the different needs of people.

In summer, the outdoor main unit of the "double supply" central air conditioner produces chilled water, which is exchanged in the fan coil through the circulation system, and the cold air is blown out; in winter, the outdoor main unit produces hot water, which circulates in the special heating pipe. The ground decoration layer is heated to heat up the ground through the heat transfer of ground radiation and convection.

"Triple supply" has one more function than "double supply", that is, it can heat domestic water through the heat generated by the operation of the host, and at the same time meet the three needs of air conditioning refrigeration, floor heating and domestic hot water.


RIM mode triple power supply module unit

Multiple operating modes: summer: unit cooling + hot water mode operation, when the hot water demand is not met, the unit performs cooling + hot water; when the hot water demand is met, the unit automatically switches to cooling operation; winter: unit heating + Running in hot water mode, it automatically performs heating and hot water conversion according to the set priority to meet customer needs.
Complete functions: five modes, cooling, heating, cooling + hot water, hot water, heating + hot water, summer cooling + hot water operation, free hot water for customers; spring and autumn transition season hot water operation, It is equivalent to a special air energy water heater; heating + hot water operation in winter can provide both air conditioning and heating as well as domestic hot water. High efficiency and energy saving: high energy efficiency ratio, the unit operates in cooling + hot water mode in summer, the comprehensive energy efficiency ratio is as high as 7.0-8.0, hot water is completely free, and the comprehensive energy efficiency is more than 2 times higher than that of ordinary air-cooled hot water units. When making hot water at other times, the power consumption is only 25% of the electric water heater, and the energy consumption is only 35% of the gas water heater.
Super Compatibility: With super compatibility, not only the same model can be combined, but also different models can be combined arbitrarily, and it can also be used in the same water system as ordinary modular machines.
Stable operation ability: enhance the low-temperature heating performance of the unit. So that the unit can heat stably at a temperature as low as -15C.
Intelligent defrosting mode: Skip the traditional regular defrosting method, according to the impact of frosting on the system under different working conditions, through a large amount of data analysis, the unit can intelligently judge whether there is frost on the new evaporator, so that defrosting is required when defrosting Frost, when there is no frost, continuous heating does not start defrosting; greatly enhances the reliability of heating under low temperature and high humidity conditions.
Copeland hermetic scroll compressor: compared with other types of compressors at the same level of cooling capacity, this compressor has fewer moving parts, smaller rotational torque, lower noise and vibration, and greater reliability and higher efficiency.
Super protection: Motherboard control chip: jointly developed with Tianjin University, good waterproof, stable signal, good anti-interference effect. With: arbitrarily set on/off equipment time, total/stop water time function, peak and valley timing heating function, water temperature setting function, power failure memory function, water shortage automatic protection function, phase loss automatic protection function, leakage automatic protection function, Compressor delay start protection function, water pump overtime start protection function, high and low pressure automatic protection function, input password protection function of original set data. High reliability: the four-way valve uses American Lanco, the world's largest and most professional manufacturer, and the expansion valve uses imported American ALCO, with high pressure control accuracy and stable pressure control.
Small size: The unit adopts modular configuration design, which is small in size, compact in structure, light in body, easy to transport and flexible in installation.
Low noise: low operating noise, small vibration, suitable for various types of projects.
Low maintenance cost: the unique structure of the unit, easy maintenance and repair, and low maintenance cost.
Energy saving and environmental protection: In the cooling + hot water mode, the reverse Carnot cycle heat pump technology is adopted to absorb the heat in the air-conditioning water to heat the domestic hot water; in the hot water production mode, the heat in the atmosphere is absorbed to heat the domestic hot water. Any gas emission is a green environmental protection product. It will not pollute the environment during combustion like coal, oil, gas and other fossil fuels.