Air Source Heat Pump Tips

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1. What is a heat pump?

  A pump is a device that concentrates dispersed substances and increases their potential energy. "Heat" is not matter, but energy. The concentration and increase of potential energy of "heat" must be realized through the carrier, and the carrier is the refrigerant. A heat pump uses a small number of high-grade electric energy as a driving energy to efficiently absorb low-grade heat energy from a low-temperature dispersed heat source and transmit it to a high-temperature heat source to achieve the purpose of a "heat pump". The most commonly used heat pump is the vapor compression heat pump. The working principle of this heat pump system: the refrigerant evaporates after absorbing heat in the evaporator, evaporates into superheated steam and enters the compressor, and is adiabatically compressed in the compressor to become a high-temperature and high-pressure gas, which is condensed into a low-temperature and high-pressure liquid by the condenser at constant pressure , the liquid refrigerant is throttled into a low-temperature and low-pressure liquid, and then enters the evaporator to absorb heat at a constant pressure, and reciprocates in turn. A heat pump water heater transfers heat energy from the air to the water to heat the water.

  2. How to understand 'heat pump, how many kinds of heat pumps are there?

  The familiar "pump" is a mechanical device that can increase potential energy. For example, a water pump is mainly used to increase the water level or increase the water pressure, while a "heat pump" is a device that can obtain low-level heat from air, water or soil in nature, and output high-grade heat that can be used by people through electricity. Energy-saving, environmentally friendly, clean heating and hot water equipment, heat pump technology is a new energy technology that has attracted much attention in the world in recent years. For example, a car consumes a few liters of gasoline to transport several tons of goods from one place to another. The heat pump unit can absorb heat from nature and "transport" it through the heat pump (electrically driven heat pump), and obtain heat that can be used in production and life. heat energy. According to different heat sources, heat pumps can be divided into air source heat pumps, water source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps.

Household air source heat pump unit

  3. What is an air grab heat pump water heater?

  Air source heat pump water heater is also called heat pump water heater. The heat pump absorbs air heat source to produce hot water. The energy saving efficiency is more than 4 times that of electric water heater, and it is more energy efficient than solar water heater. It is the most advanced energy saving and environmental protection hot water system in the world.

  The heat pump uses the reverse Carnot principle to absorb a large amount of low-temperature heat energy in the air with very little electric energy, which is compressed by the compressor and converted into high-temperature heat energy, which is transmitted to the water tank to heat hot water, so it has low energy consumption, high efficiency and fast speed , good safety, strong environmental protection, continuous supply of hot water. It has incomparable advantages as a hot water system.

  Heat pump water heater is an application of heat pump technology in the production of hot water. Its heating method is completely different from traditional water heaters. It uses air, water, etc. as low-temperature heat sources, and uses electric energy as power to absorb heat from low temperature to heat domestic water. The water is directly sent to the user or heated in a small area through the circulation system, which avoids the disadvantages of traditional oil, gas and electric water heaters such as high energy consumption, serious pollution, and high cost. It can save 75% of daily use costs, and the operation is not restricted by meteorological conditions. It is the best solution for the centralized hot water supply system in school dormitories, hotels, bathing centers and other places. The air source heat pump technology is applied to the hot water supply system to produce a new generation of high-efficiency, energy-saving, green and environmentally friendly air source heat pump water heaters, which can intelligently provide continuous and stable domestic hot water to end users, without any emissions and pollution during unit operation .

  4. What is air progenitor heat pump technology?

  Air source heat pump technology is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly heating technology based on the reverse Carnot cycle principle. The air source heat pump system obtains a low-temperature heat source through natural energy (air heat storage), which becomes a high-temperature heat source after efficient heat collection and integration of the system, and is used to obtain (supply) heat or supply hot water. The heat collection efficiency of the entire system is very high.

Commercial air energy heat pump water heater unit