How much do you know about air-cooled modular units?

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      The air-cooled modular unit is divided into single cooling type and heat pump type. Among them, the heat pump type air-cooled modular unit integrates refrigeration and heating functions, which can provide both cooling and heating. It can realize cooling in summer and heating in winter. One machine has multiple functions. . Therefore, the air-cooled heat pump unit is usually the preferred solution in the HVAC engineering design without a heating boiler, heating network or other stable and reliable heat source, but requires year-round air conditioning. Or cabinet-type, ceiling-type air handlers and fresh air units together form a semi-centralized air-conditioning system , which has many advantages of the fan coil system, flexible layout, beautiful appearance, saving building space, convenient adjustment, and can be stopped and started independently. It has the characteristics of affecting other rooms and low operating noise.

conserve water

The air-cooled modular unit omits many auxiliary parts such as cooling towers , water pumps, boilers and corresponding piping systems that are necessary for the cooling water system. Condenser scaling and water pipe blockage caused by poor areas also save water resources.

save energy

The one-time investment of the air-cooled modular unit is slightly higher than that of the water- cooled unit , but the annual operating cost is lower than that of the water-cooled chiller . Half the cost of the boiler. It is the most economical and simple model for maintenance and repair among cold (hot) water air conditioner products. The unit can be placed directly on the roof, podium platform or level ground without building a machine room or a boiler room . It is safe and clean, and the heat is directly taken from the outdoor air during heating, which can save energy.

Strong applicability

Air-cooled modular unit products are mature and finalized products developed and designed on the basis of fully absorbing the latest development technology in the field of international and domestic refrigeration and air conditioning. The unit is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with national industry standards, and selects high-quality and famous brand compressors, fans, refrigerant system control components and computer control devices produced by world-renowned manufacturers. It can effectively heat at temperatures above -10°C, and the product is widely used in North China, South China, Southwest China, and some water-deficient areas that require year-round air conditioning and have little winter load. At the same time, it is especially suitable for some areas where the temperature in winter is relatively low and there is no boiler or other heating conditions.


save space

The unit adopts high-efficiency heat exchanger, advanced and special outdoor structure design and system matching. The unit is small in size, light in weight and occupies less land. The unit can be installed directly on the roof or other outdoor places, without the need for another machine room, which can save space.

fully protected

The unit is equipped with protection devices such as temperature protection switch, overload relay, high and low voltage safety switch , dry filter, antifreeze switch and delay start to ensure the safety and reliability of the main engine. All refrigeration accessories and valves adopt international famous brand products to comprehensively improve the operation reliability of the unit.

modular design

The design of the modular structure enables the unit to be produced and transported in standard modular units. Combined into a complete unit at the installation site, the standard modular unit is light in weight and small in size, which makes the transportation, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the unit more convenient, and saves lifting, installation and operation costs.

Modular air-cooled chilled water heat pump unit, each refrigeration system is independent of each other and serves as backup for each other. An abnormal situation in any refrigeration circuit will not affect the normal operation of other refrigeration circuits. When a circuit fails, the computer will issue an instruction to replace the operation of the faulty circuit with other standby circuits, and the cooling and heating capacity of the unit will remain relatively high. Stablize.

Exquisite and beautiful appearance

The air-side heat exchanger is made of high-efficiency internal threaded copper tubes and corrugated reinforced aluminum fins made of hydrophilic film materials through mechanical expansion. It has the characteristics of high efficiency and is not easy to ash, especially in winter. The "V" coil design is adopted, the space utilization rate is high, the overall size of the unit is small, and the wind speed on the surface of the coil is more uniform, which effectively improves the airflow organization .

The relevant parts of the unit and the system piping are arranged rationally, equipped with "v" type coil and integral structure design, which makes the appearance of the unit clear and smooth.

The casing of the unit is treated with powder electrostatic spraying, and the color is uniform and beautiful. Users can choose the color they like, or choose stainless steel plate as the casing, which is anti-corrosion and anti-rust. To adapt to the harsh outdoor weather conditions, to ensure that the unit has a good appearance quality within the service life cycle.

ultra low noise

High-efficiency semi-hermetic screw compressor is adopted , with stable operation and low noise and vibration. The integral design of imported axial flow fan, its impeller and outer rotor motor is adopted, the structure is simple and conforms to the principle of aerodynamics ; the sickle-shaped die-casting aluminum impeller enables the fan to run efficiently with low noise, even in the short wind state Can maintain good aerodynamic performance.

Advanced control, stable quality and reliable performance

The compressors, fans, refrigeration system accessories, computers and electronic control components used in the unit are all imported from famous foreign companies, with good quality, accurate control and reliable performance. It has strong adaptability to various possible harsh heat pump working conditions, simple maintenance and high operating efficiency.

Adopt advanced microcomputer control technology, full Chinese man-machine display interface, friendly operation interface. Users can keep abreast of the operation of the unit at any time.

With high degree of automation and complete functions, it can realize unit start-stop program management, timing control, water pump management, centralized monitoring and remote monitoring of the unit realized by all users.

The microcomputer controller has intelligent defrosting, the defrosting is accurate and effective, and the heat loss is avoided. At the same time, it has multiple automatic control functions such as fault diagnosis, energy management, antifreeze monitoring, and operation mode to ensure efficient operation of the unit. At the same time, the unit is also equipped with multiple safety protection devices such as high and low pressure, antifreeze, oil temperature protection , overload protection, phase loss and reverse, etc., to ensure the safe operation of the unit.

Maintenance management, convenient and quick

The installation of the unit is flexible, and it can be controlled on site or remotely; the unit adopts an open structure, and its compressor, refrigeration accessories and electric control system are all placed in the lower part of the unit, which is an open structure without any panel, with a large maintenance space and convenient access , Easy maintenance.

Energy efficient

The imported fully enclosed scroll compressor is adopted , its efficiency is 10% higher than that of the piston compressor , and it has the characteristics of stable operation, small vibration and strong resistance to liquid shock. All modular units are under the centralized control of the computer controller , and the operating quantity of the modules is adjusted according to the load conditions, so that the cooling capacity of the unit is consistent with the actual demand, and the best energy-saving effect is achieved. Through the reasonable configuration of the number of compressors, the unloading capacity of the unit is increased, and the partial load efficiency of the unit is comprehensively improved. In winter heating, multiple heads can effectively reduce the impact of defrosting on the heating of the unit.

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