What is inverter multi-connected central air conditioning?

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The frequency conversion multi-connected air conditioning system is the abbreviation of "frequency conversion, one drag, multiple variable refrigerant flow central air conditioning system". It is a refrigerant circulation system composed of one outdoor unit and several indoor units.
One form of air-conditioning system is a refrigerant-type air-conditioning system, which uses refrigerant as the delivery medium and belongs to the air-air heat pump system.
The system is composed of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit connected by refrigerant pipelines. The outdoor unit is composed of an outdoor heat exchanger, a compressor and other refrigeration accessories; the indoor unit is composed of a fan and a direct evaporator. One outdoor unit can send to several indoor units through pipelines
The machine transports the refrigerant liquid (generally composed of one outdoor unit and 3-16 indoor units). By controlling the refrigerant circulation volume of the compressor and the refrigerant flow rate entering each heat exchanger in the room, it can timely meet the indoor cooling and heating requirements. Load requirements.
  It is a new type of variable flow central air-conditioning technology (VRV technology), which overcomes many disadvantages of the traditional water system central air-conditioning, and is obviously advanced and unique, so it was widely recognized by the world's air-conditioning industry as soon as it came out. .  
After more than 20 years of application and development throughout the country, this technology has become increasingly perfect and mature, and has become one of the most advanced forms of comfortable central air-conditioning in the world today.
    To put it simply, the frequency conversion multi-connected central air conditioner is a refrigerant circulation system composed of one outdoor unit and several indoor units.
Use one indoor unit, or activate multiple indoor units, to enjoy the comfortable temperature brought by the central air conditioner.


1. Higher comfort
The air supply angle of the split unit is limited, and there is no fresh air system, so the indoor air will feel turbid if the air conditioner is turned on for a long time. The indoor unit of the central air conditioner has a variety of air supply methods to make the air distribution more uniform, and the central air conditioner can introduce fresh outdoor air.
The air introduces fresh air, which makes people feel more comfortable.
2. Low noise
The compressor used in the outdoor unit of the central air conditioner integrates the rotor and the blades, which solves the noise caused by the friction between the rotor and the blades, and the operation is only about 50 decibels. In terms of indoor units, built-in fans are more widely used in residential buildings.
The tube machine can achieve a minimum of 25 decibels, and it is hidden in the ceiling, so the noise level can be reduced to the lowest level.
3. Energy saving and power saving.
At present, the multi-connected frequency conversion central air conditioner adopts a DC variable speed compressor, which can be used for cooling and heating according to the actual needs of the room. Each room can be individually controlled. The outdoor unit can provide as much cooling capacity as the indoor use. Than use one
The general split machine is more energy-saving and power-saving.