What is air source heat pump heating?

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The air source heat pump is an energy-saving device that uses high-level energy to make heat flow from low-level heat source air to high-level heat source. It is a form of heat pump. As the name implies, a heat pump is like a pump, which can convert low-level thermal energy that cannot be directly used (such as the heat contained in air, soil, and water) into high-level thermal energy that can be used, thereby saving some high-level energy (such as coal, gas, oil, etc.) , electricity, etc.) purpose.

Air source heat pump features:

(1) The air source heat pump system integrates the cold and heat sources, does not need to set up a special refrigeration room or boiler room, and the unit can be placed on the roof or the ground arbitrarily, without occupying the effective use area of ​​the building, and the construction and installation are very simple.

(2) The air source heat pump system has no cooling water system, no cooling water consumption, and no cooling water system power consumption. In addition, there have been many reports of cases of Legionella infection caused by cooling water pollution. From the perspective of safety and hygiene, air source heat pumps also have obvious advantages.

(3) Since the air source heat pump system does not need a boiler, no corresponding boiler fuel supply system, dust removal system and flue gas discharge system, the system is safe and reliable, and has no pollution to the environment.

(4) The air source heat pump cold (hot) water unit adopts a modular design, and there is no need to set up a spare unit. During the operation, the computer automatically controls and adjusts the operating status of the unit to make the output power adapt to the working environment.

(5) The performance of the air source heat pump will change with the outdoor climate.

(6) In places where the outdoor air temperature is low in northern my country, an auxiliary heater is required due to the insufficient heat supply of the heat pump in winter.

What are the advantages of air source heat pumps

1. Comfortable

Air source heat pumps have a higher cooling and supply air temperature, and the air is softer, which can better meet the temperature difference required by human body physiology. When using it, people will not feel dry mouth and tongue. It is a comfortable Good product.

2. Energy saving

There is energy storage in the heat capacity of the water system, so as to ensure the circulation of the water pump. It only needs to be turned off half an hour or one hour ago to meet the indoor requirements. It mainly relies on air energy for dynamic refrigeration and absorbs a large amount of Free air to cool or heat, is a very power-saving product.

3. Security

For example, if the fluorine system leaks or ages, it will affect the entire use, and it is difficult to find its leak point. Compared with the fluorine system, when the water system leaks, it will not Evaporation, then only need to close the valve next to the fault can be repaired, will not affect other uses, high safety performance.

4. Environmental protection

Traditional wall-hung boilers emit a large amount of exhaust gas during use, which can also affect the air. When the water system is used for cooling, it uses water. I believe everyone knows that water is environmentally friendly, so it will not be harmful to the environment. affected.

Summary: This is the introduction to what is air source heat pump heating. After the above introduction, I believe everyone knows some principles of air source heat pump heating. If you want to know more relevant knowledge, you can pay attention to our product center for consultation.